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This is a Doctor Doom and Loki Laufeyson appreciation blog, NOT a vivisection appreciation blog (unless Doom and Loki are involved).

16:29 - 16%


Loki #97 & Doctor Doom #92

15:01 - 151%


Cover of Loki: Agent of Asgard #6 by Lee Garbett (x)

15:01 - 1140%


Commission for jaqenhghar!

15:01 - 79%


Natasha and Spider-Girl went on a little side mission…

15:02 - 9%
The Fives Times Everyone thought Loki’s Boyfriend was Imaginary and the One time they didn’t


No powers AU!Loki/Doom, a 5+1 type thing. There’s less Doom and More Loki hates his brother’s friends.

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23:53 - 7%


I may continue this…

16:41 - 85%


Marvel Portraits

villianous, golden and green (x)

18:42 - 5%


Here’s what happens when asking a friend what I should draw at 3 a.m. (roughly).

The heavier cardboard is, the more my scanner dislikes it. It’s been proven.

18:59 - 24%


*strut in, strike pose*

Sup losers, this is my new friend, hes a doctor witha phd in ruinin ur life.   

*highfive each other obnoxiously* 

The only marvel villains who matter to me. Ps julian mcmahon was a hot as FUCK doom. I hope he gets to doom again. 

Ngl I ship it also. 

14:12 - 10%